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Meeting times:

When: Every Wednesday from 7-9PM
Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center
24932 Veterans Way
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

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Margie Fleitman -
Elaine Werner-Hudson -
Patty Levitt -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost to attend?
A: There is absolutely no cost to attend these meetings. 

Q: Am I required to talk and share my experiences if I attend?
A: While we encourage you to open up to the group, we also understand that it may require a little bit of time to become comfortable with the group and its setting. If this applies to you, feel free to attend the first couple meetings just to sit in and listen.

Q: How large is this support group?
A: Since its inception, the group has grown. It varies depending on each individual week, however, there are usually at least 10 people, sometimes as many as 25-30 who show up.

Q: I live too far away to attend these meetings, but I would like to attend a meeting. What do I do?
A: For now, wait. Given the growth of this group, we have been seeking options with expanding SOLACE Orange County's reach to include other surrounding area and hopefully eventually throughout the United States. However, this requires the coordinated and cooperative effort of many capable facilitators and chapter leaders. If we do grow beyond this capacity, please check back in the future for an up-to-date list of chapters - some of which may include your area.

Q: Can I be a facilitator and chapter leader?
A: At this time, we currently do not offer this option. The only way this situation could work out (potentially) is if the founders of SOLACEOC meet you several times, become comfortable with your facilitating style, and conduct and final interview and training and decide whether or not your vision for the organization mirrors our own. Additionally, these support groups are ran free of charge so there would be no compensation for your time or travel expenses.

Q: Does SOLACEOC affiliated with any local government agencies?
A: Solace is sponsored by the Orange County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board; a diverse panel of members that discuss drug reform in the Orange County in its ever-changing landscape. The cofounder of Solace OC, Elaine Werner-Hudson, has served on the board for a three year term and considering the potential of renewing that term depending on her availability.

Article Last Updated: 02-28-2014

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