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Getting Involved with Project Josh

For those who have suffered either from a loss of a loved one, dealing with a loved one that is using, or personally with addiction, this web-site is for you. We welcome your personal stories, triumphs, and the hope for surviving this horrific disease. We are organizing a unique approach to substance abuse, and are certain we can increase the statistics for successful recovery our passion and goal. As this evolves, all donations whether financial or personal, becoming a member is the first step towards getting involved. If you have a gift to offer of yourself or suggestions, let us know as success is achieved in numbers. We will keep you posted as to how scholarships will be provided for those who need help, as our dream is in the success of recovery along with the prevention of using in the first place.

Join us in the fight against drugs, your story could make a difference in the lives of others as they can relate and will not feel helpless and alone.

"I will not give up hope on a vision to help those who feel hopeless and defeated. My journey is to uplift the most weary sensitive souls to survive and achieve that which they are most deserving of, serenity and sobriety."
~SurvivingMother of Project Josh

Areas where you might be able to help

  • Spread the word: tell people about ProjectJosh (even the media). Word of mouth is the best way; the next best way is to link to us, or share our pages in the social media.
  • Become a regular on the site, check back regularly and participate.
  • Volunteer/Contribute: become a site moderator, or help with the maintenance and creation of writing (submit original articles, or one's that have received permission prior to posting).
  • Sponsor an recovering member: did you previously have a past substance-abuse problem, are two years clear and want to help? Sponsor another member on ProjectJosh and help provide them some guidance.
  • Utilize your education: are you in the field of addiction recovery and have a passion for helping people outside the workplace? Help counsel others on the site.
  • Donate: in memory of a lost love one, one-time once, or on a reoccurring basis (perhaps on a birthday).
  • Support our programs: attend events, buy sponsored items (not yet available). All the money generated goes to keeping the foundation alive and helping to serve and provide others help. Remember, we run a very tight ship, which means as much money as possible is going to serving and educating afflicted individuals and familes and less to overhead.
  • Sponsor Us: if you're a business looking toward altruistic goals, help sponsor the foundation by partnering by selling your product/services, and donate some of the proceeds to ProjectJosh. Alternatively, if your company has netted enough money for the month, consider donating a percent of that surplus to the foundation. We would love to reciprocate the generosity, however possible.
  • Educate others: Take what you've learned about addiction to the real world, be a helping hand. While we would love for you to tell others about us, you can always become that advocate and teacher yourself.

  • Article Last Updated: 09-12-2011

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