Project Josh is always excited to work with organizations and individuals interested in promoting our cause. Contributions in the form of donations or promotion are essential to the organizations survival, and the success of our mission statement. Below you will find a list of organizations and individuals who work with our organization to provide the resources ProjectJosh has to offer. Let's take a moment to thank them for their generosity.


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One-time involvement:


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A good part of livelihood of an organization depends on the generosity of individuals as a whole.

Memberships: are for those who donate to ProjectJosh on a regular basis (such as annually). These individuals, because they are subscribed, will receive the ProjectJosh quarterly (an e-zine that offers insights on addiction, as well as wealth of other useful information) via email. Additionally, since these individuals are more involved, we appreciate, but also encourage their involvement/feedback on future programs with the foundation.

One-time donations: for those who have donated occasionally to ProjectJosh. Although we do not send the e-zine to these individuals automatically, we do invite/encourage their involvement/feedback on ProjectJosh.

For all of those who have donated, we sincerely thank you for your continued support and generosity! Your donation can make a world of difference for many struggling individuals and families!

Article Last Updated: 02-26-2011

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