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About Guardian Angel Sober Companion Program

The Guardian Angel Sober Companion Program is specifically designed to help your addicted loved one recover fully from drug or alcohol abuse while simultaneously healing the family from the disease of addiction. The program offers two core components: one-on-one individual therapy, coaching and mentoring for your loved one with an Angel Companion, and intensive in-home family therapy with a small team of expert therapists, including the Angel Companion that has been assigned to your loved one.

The Guardian Angel Sober Companion Program Creates

  • Stucture
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Esteem
  • Respect
  • and overall genuine authenticity as an individual

  • Your loved one overcoming their addiction needs to build his/her life on a solid foundation, including, the true meaning/purpose of their life, their own unique set of values, and the ability to trust in themselves to make sound decisions. Overcoming isolation by connecting with the world and others, is one of the essential goals they need to achieve. With empathy and compassion, an Angel Companion will work with your addicted loved one to help them overcome obstacles and find their own unique self. The Angel Companion will assist them in experiencing limitless opportunities involving their interests, desires, goals and dreams. By growing their wings, your addicted loved one will be equipped to reach out into this world and realize his/her potential to be whole and free. 


    30, 60, 90-day rehab programs as well as "outpatient" treatment programs are helpful, but not effective at healing addictions. This is due to a multitude of factors, but primarily because the settings in which treatment takes place are "artificial" and not "real." Loved ones struggling with addiction need help in "real life" settings, such as at home, in school, in their social environment, or in their extracurricular activities. Loved ones often feel better after some time in rehab because it is safe, and they are no longer being exposed to their triggers on a daily basis. However, once they leave rehab, they often do not want to go home, or find themselves facing cravings, anxiety, and depression in their real-life environments. This abrupt transition is not ideal nor conducive to re-integrating them back into society, or a normal life. Our program is specifically tailored to intervene in your loved one's real-life setting Scientific studies show that the chances of remaining drug or alcohol free are dependent upon a long term treatment plan, with the best success rates being close to 2 years of treatment. Unfortunately, most rehabs only offer 30, 60, or 90 days of treatment, with very little aftercare or follow-up services. Relapse usually happens within a month of exiting rehab. ADDICTION IS A CHRONIC DISEASE THAT NEEDS TO BE MANAGED CAREFULLY Our Guardian Angel Sober Companion Program is designed to assist your addicted loved one and your family in managing the chronic nature of the disease of addiction. Addiction is not cured after a stint in rehab, nor a few weeks of an outpatient program. Addiction is cured when the addicted loved one and their family experience real change in their real lives, and these changes are sustained over time. 

    How we do it 

    After years of drug or alcohol abuse, most teens have developed poor lifestyle habits, poor coping skills, have dropped out of sports, forgotten how to have fun, or have socially isolated themselves. These are just some of the areas they need immediate help. The Guardian Angel Sober Companion Program gives your teen hope, and a chance of overcoming their addiction. A Master's level therapist will be working with your teen one-on-one for extended periods of time helping them to achieve healthy lifestyle habits, goals, aspirations, and overcoming their cravings, negative thoughts and social isolation.  Our Angel Companions are especially trained at working with the family and will assist parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended families in healing from the consequences of teen addiction. Please visit the GA/SC profiles page for a current list of our companions. 

    Program Rates 

    We offer this program at affordable and competitive rates (rivaling many in the rehab industry), dependent upon household income levels (average: $25-$35/hr). We would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information, or to setup a consultation with your child.Program Coordinator:, or (303) 817-8682

    Article Last Updated: 05-24-2012

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