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The articles referenced on this page are taken directly from The National Institue on Drug Abuse (NIDA, We reference these documents because they should be considered an authoritative and unbiased source of facts regarding drug abuse statistics, trends, and epidemiology. Below you will find articles for the more common drugs, however, in the future this page may be revised to address other drugs, as their use becomes more prevalent. Note: each article is fairly broad in scope, therefore should only be used for general reference.



Nicotine is often considered to be the most addictive of all known substances.
Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Tobacco_Addiction.pdf


"Marajuana is the Nation's most commonly used illict drug". Often considered a gateway drug,
Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Marijuana_Abuse.pdf


Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Inhalants.pdf

Prescription Drugs

When traditional pharmacological drugs are used not as, or to whom they are prescribed.
Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Prescription_Drugs.pdf


Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Hallucinogens_and_Dissociative_Drugs.pdf

MDMA (Ecstacy)

Full Text:/media/uploads/NIDA_MDMA_Abuse.pdf


Full Text: /media/uploads/NIDA_Meth.pdf


Full Text:/media/uploads/NIDA_Heroin.pdf

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