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Currently, the Imagine Podcast is undergoing an indefinite hiatus while we restructure/revamp the show and acquire a new co-host, so we may bring you even more amazing podcasts in the future. We genuinely appreciate your patience and will keep you updated. Please stay tuned!

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Episode 14 (6-22-2011):

Synopsis: How can recovering addicts reclaim honesty and integrity after being caught up in use with dishonesty and lies. 06-22-11.mp3

Episode 13 (6-14-2011):

Synopsis: Sarah and Elaine are delighted by the opportunity to interview Zach, the remaining board director, webmaster, and Brother to Josh about his experiences with his Brother. 06-14-11.mp3

Episode 12 (6-7-2011):

Synopsis: Today we talk about the virtues of positive reinforcement from the parent when it comes to their addicted teen. 06-07-11.mp3

Episode 11 (5-24-2011):

Synopsis: Today we have the honor of interviewing Super Star (Kris Kancler), who legally changed his name, along with his brother, to raise awareness about substance abuse and sobriety. ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR have worked together with some well known Rock and Roll franchises such as KISS, Trans-siberian Orchestra, among many others. We are proud to be partnered with the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR Project. Any purchases of their rocking CD with the code "JOSH" will receive 10% off, and Project Josh will receive $3 on the sale of each CD! Click here to enter their online store! It's been a pleasure getting to know these people. 05-24-11.mp3

Episode 10 (5-10-2011):

Synopsis: Teen suicide prevention. 05-10-11.mp3

Episode 9 (5-3-2011):

Synopsis: How addiction impacts families. 05-03-11.mp3

Episode 8 (4-19-2011):

Synopsis: In this weeks airing we speak with the organization "Mothers with a Purpose", a group of mothers who are raising awareness about the addiction epidemic afflicting affluent communities.

*Removed at request of party*

Episode 7 (04-12-2011):

Synopsis: We delve into the realization of drug use as a disease of will, family dynamics, as well as recovery starting with the individual seeking help. 04-12-11.mp3

Episode 6 (04-05-2011):

Synopsis: The top three problems parents affected by adolescent addiction face, as well as these problems viewed from the adolescence perspective. In order to visit this topic, we have invited our previous guest back to the show to talk about these issues. 04-05-11.mp3

Episode 5 (03-24-2011):

Synopsis: Typical drugs teens use, signs of use, and the damaging effects these drugs have on the body and mind. 03-24-11.mp3

Episode 4 (03-17-2011):

Synopsis: This episode recaps on the first three pilot episodes. 03-17-11.mp3

Episode 3 (03-10-2011):

Synopsis: Top ten myths about teen drug (ab)use; red flags, and warning signs for parents. 03-10-11.mp3

Episode 2 (03-03-2011):

Synopsis: Today's guest shares his emotional, eye-opening experience with barely surviving a heroin overdose and the repercussions associate with drug abuse. This story told from the heart is one we'll soon not forget. 03-03-11.mp3

Episode 1 (02-24-2011):

Synopsis: Deals with the experiences and story of our founding director regarding her son and the natural progression of addiction as a disease. 02-24-11.mp3

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