Privacy Statement

  • Project Josh routinely collects data such as IP addresses for the sole purpose of login processes, populating the who's online page, statistical, and research traffic (trending) purposes.
  • We will never sell, or divulge your information to any third party, except when required to do so by law. However, we may in the future decide to advertise on, by granting Google Inc the rights to market advertisements based on browsing habits. If in the event, in the future, we decide to do so, we will send an email to the one on file for your account, and will grant you access to delete your account if you don't agree to these terms.
  • Any user who is engaged in active illegal activities personally, or directed at waives their rights to privacy, period. We will then use your IP address to protect our servers, and possibly place a ban on your IP address.

Article Last Updated: 05-24-2012

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