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Project J.O.S.H. is currently in the works of launching a series of programs which allows treatment to be more readily accessible to a wide range of individuals. We are able to achieve this goal through facility scholarship/discount, donation contributions, and organizational networking.

We encourage any treatment centers that demonstrate cost and outcome effective treatment to contact us about our sponsorship treatment program. This mutual symbiosis allows the foundation to work with many different centers at the same time, without any conflict of interest as the foundation is non-profit. However, in order to become a Project J.O.S.H. sponsored center, we require an unwavering commitment towards accountability, integrity, cost-value, and standards based care.

Finally, once you are a Project J.O.S.H. sponsored facility, we provide free advertising for your facility, but in return we ask that you make your clients aware of opportunities by referring them to ProjectJOSH. Our Guardian Angel Sober Companion program would be a great transition for those leaving a treatment center and are trying to find the structure conducive to success.

All in all, it's a win-win for all parties involved - good quality care, affordability, and scholarship opportunities. If you believe your facility will qualify, please contact us and we'll begin the interview process. If we conclude that your facility qualifies, we will then begin the steps to network.

Article Last Updated: 09-13-2011

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