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    Elaine Werner-Hudson has been a life-long native of Boulder Colorado. Life circumstances changed her scenery and purpose several years ago when her eldest son, Josh, passed away from a heroin overdose. Against Elaine’s better judgment at the time, Elaine readily gave up her life in Colorado (30 years as a successful business woman and home owner), packed up, and moved to Orange County resolved make a real difference in the rehabilitation industry. Elaine’s dedication to family and her understanding of the dynamics of addiction in combination with her personable, friendly, compassionate and dedicated personality has already touched many families in Orange County. However, she realized that she wanted to reach out more than just working at the centers, she wanted to play an even bigger role in the sobriety of these children. The result of her efforts are embodied in Project JOSH.

    Elaine Werner-Hudson in the past several years has not only made a name for herself, but has also proved highly-competent in the field of addiction rehabilitation. Just in the couple years, she has pursued her new career: she has held the position of house manager, intake coordinator, and client counselor. Additionally, Elaine sits on the board of OC drug reform board to identify the problems, participate in this think tank, and help pass legislature to help prevent future teens from succumbing to addiction. She also attends Saddle Back Community College, where nearing completion of her CADC-I and pursuit in Bachelor’s and Master’s level work relevant to this industry.

    Mrs. Werner-Hudson has remained a very warm, compassionate and extremely dedicated family oriented woman. Even with the loss of her son to heroin, and her husband to ALS, she has remained determined to continue on living and help others fight the good fight. She often refers to herself as a surviving mother and is dedicated to helping other teens and families cope and recover from the ravaging effects of the disease of addiction. Her acts mirroring that of Josh’s life-long dream: to share her invaluable experiences with addiction in the hopes that others to benefit from this experience. However, Mrs. Werner-Hudson goes above and beyond when it comes to genuine care, thought, and consideration when working with families in similar situations.
  • wernerz

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  • Staff Bio:
    Zach Werner is an autodidactic web developer with over 13 years of experience in webdesign, 10 years in graphics, and 18 years with computers in general. Mr. Werner has remained a Colorado native his entire life and was born in Boulder, CO, but a majority of his childhood was spent in Louisville, CO.

    He is responsible for the design, graphics, coding, and maintenance of Additionally, Mr. Werner aids in the day-to-date needs of ProjectJOSH including: print and promotional media and IT related issues, a contributes to organization vision as a board member. Zach's eclectic role is a vital part of the function of the organization, not only for the skill set, but also because Josh quoted "There is no one more like me than my Brother".

    For the tech savvy: is coded using PHP/MySQL/JS/CSS, an entirely original custom CMS created for ProjectJOSH.

    Zach's passions include: science/technology/art/design, reading/writing/language, wrenching on bikes/cars, school/research, and Japanese culture.

    Zach's accomplishments:
  • Zach received a first-place award/scholarship for his work on a Managed Business Solutions website contest out of 350+ competitors in Colorado. In addition, Mr. Werner has created and administered close to a dozen different websites through his career.
  • Zach trained for over ten years and now possess a black belt in traditional Shotokan martial arts (although hasn't practiced the sport for several years).
  • Zach currently holds a general Associates of Science from Front Range Community College, and is nearing completion of his Bachelor's of Arts and plans on pursing masters and perhaps doctorate level work. He wants to continue to remain involved in academia beyond his degrees.

  • He attends Colorado University at Boulder in pursuit for a bachelor's in Integrative Physiology and is in pursuit of becoming a MD/DPT/PA. These degrees reflect his true passion for the life sciences (a result of being a cancer survivor, and where medical intervention has saved his life on numerous occasions). Zach also demonstrates a continued interest in Psychology, Writing, and Computer Sciences.

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